The European Commission Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality produces, collects and collates information, makes sense of it, and transforms it into knowledge, which shall inform policy making to ensure and protect the authenticity and quality of food supplied in the EU.

It is collectively operated by the Directorate-General Joint Research Centre and the Directorates-General regulating the feed-food chain and protecting consumer rights.

The Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality aims at:

  • Creation of a formalized science/policy interface which facilitates the flow of scientific evidence into the policy making cycle to support initiatives for safe-guarding the quality of agri-food products and protecting the integrity of the food chain;
  • Community of Practice linking policy makers from different Commission services,  scientists and competent authorities in the Member States to access and make best use of shared knowledge;
  • Building collaboration with authorities in Third Countries.

The Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality complements the activities of the EU Food Fraud Network, which is operated by the European Commission Department for Health and Food Safety.

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