The new version of IFS Food will focus more in depth on auditing in the production area and less on documentation checks. It will have clearer wording and a modern, future-oriented approach.

The new draft has taken some time to develop as IFS wanted to ensure that the main objectives were achieved:

  • all requirements need to be suited to the current state of the industry;
  • auditors need to spend more time on-site evaluating the production area and less on studying documentation;
  • more simple and descriptive phrasing should be used to emphasize the product and process orientation of the IFS Audit.

In the next step, test audits will be held to check how resilient the requirements are. The updated draft will be subject to a public consultation by the end of this year. By this time everyone will be able to receive and comment upon this document. In the final step we will take the new GFSI benchmarking requirements that are announced for February 2020 into consideration before publishing the new Standard in the first half of 2020. Implementation will become mandatory 9 months after the publication date.

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