IFS ha emesso il seguente comunicato a proposito del Coronavirus in Italia.

Dear Company, as a result of the tense situation in Northern Italy caused by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to pass on the following information.
In order to contain the virus, some areas and municipalities in Italy are under lockdown and no longer accessible, but the affected areas may change suddenly depending on future development. IFS is subject to the decisions of local authorities and cannot provide a general statement as it is subject to the individual situation in each area. As for planned audits, we recommend to contact the respective companies in advance and check the Ministry of Health website for status updates as well as for information provided by local authorities. 
Since IFS Standards are based on ISO/IEC 17065 and the audit of the production site by an on-site auditor is directly linked to the IFS Certification decision, in the case that an audit cannot be performed on time, this will result in the certificate not being renewed. An exceptional extension of the existing IFS Certificates without a new audit of the production site is not possible. Remote audits are also not an alternative, as remote audits are only suitable for document inspection and do not allow for the reliable auditing of the production site.

The existing IFS Certificates remain valid until the end of their term and will then lose their validity. Certification bodies are required to check whether IFS Certification audits are possible in individual cases or whether to pause IFS certification audits on a risk-based basis until the coronavirus epidemic is contained.   

All IFS-certified companies that have IFS Certification as a condition in their supply contracts, should discuss how the supply contracts can be maintained in this exceptional situation with their customers directly.

We highly regret this situation, knowing Italy to be one of our most important markets, and we will do anything we can to support you.

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